Wednesday, May 14, 2014

First Week with Cooper

Has it really been a week? It seems like this little guy has been part of our lives forever! Before I start today's update, I MUST thank my partner and best friend, Tina for helping me raise and teach this little fella. Without her calm leadership, Cooper would not be as well balanced as he is! She is teaching him things it would take me weeks to teach him! As you are all thinking about Cooper, please keep Tina in your thoughts. She has not been feeling well. Don't worry, I don't let Cooper worry her too much. When she needs to rest, I take over the Cooper watch!

Tina the best GSD Mom and Friend EVER! 
How should I describe Cooper as we are ending Week 1?  The best word I can come up with is BUSY! Cooper is BUSY! When he is in his Condo, he rests and sleeps, but when he comes out, he is BUSY!!!! Here, there, EVERYWHERE! Cooper wants to explore the world and see all that it offers!

When he came last week, he was too sick to play with toys. He watched Dezzie play with her toys and now he "attacks" the stuff animals and shakes them while running around. It is very cute to watch. Cooper is still learning what is considered a Cooper toy! Shoes, people's feet, furniture all seem to be appealing to Cooper. Those puppy teeth are SHARP!

Cooper KNOWS his name! This may not sound so amazing, but Cooper KNOWS the name Cooper. When he hears Cooper he perks up and comes running. It doesn't matter who says his name. He LOVES his name. My guess is that only good things have happened since he was named Cooper, so his name makes him happy. Did I mention that Cooper is the smartest puppy ever?
Cooper in the car heading to the vet. We always catch him mid yawn!
Cooper went to his new vet this morning because I felt he was healthy enough to get his shots and the fact that he has not been vaccinated has kept me up at night! I FEAR Parvo! When he went to the vet last Tuesday, the vet said he was too sick for his shots. Today the vet said Cooper is doing very well and said he was healthy enough for shots! YAY! Cooper weights a whopping 22lbs. He has gained about 4lbs this week! 

Cooper napping on the exam table as he waits for his shots. Is this dog for REAL?
Cooper with his new Vet and Vet Tech. He is checking to make sure they are not giving him another shot!
Never trust a Vet standing behind you! 
The scabs on Cooper's face have all fallen off and his nose seems to be healing. He still has some open sores on his head and face and each night we put coconut oil on his head. He LOVES getting his coconut oil massage and seems to look forward to it. We have switched him to a high quality grain free diet so we should continue to see improvement! 
Cooper on one of his many walks with his Mama Tina
It is time for Cooper's bath. Stay tuned for more updates! 


  1. Ripp sends his best to Cooper and the lovely Tina. Feel better guys!

  2. He is so cute it almost makes me what to get a puppy again--yeah, right.

  3. Wow he looks so good! And he looks like he has gained more than 4 lbs....he even looks taller. I gotta feeling this guy is gonna make up for lost time in a hurry :) thoughts and prayers for sweet mama Tina.