Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Post #33: Sweet Georgia Finds a Home!

Sweet Georgia Finds a Home!

Hi Mom!!
Hey ya’ll I finally convinced my foster Mama and Dada that I didn’t want to go anywhere else that I was at my fur ever home!  They agreed!!!  I’m so happy I’ve been adopted and all I have to do all day is lay on my comfy bed and ROO ROO at mama when she comes to the door.  Then we go play.  I really like to take care of Mama with my sisters (no longer foster sis’s) we will really raise our voices when we are home alone with Mama (even if it is Dada coming through the door).  I want to thank all my loyal fans who wished me well and donated money for our care, the rest of the Fab 
Relaxing in the Sun
 Five are doing great too.  I got to see all my kennelmates at the 2nd annual GSRA reunion.  That was so much fun, but I got a little tired, there were so many pretty GSD’s there that it got a little overwhelming for me.  But I stayed close to Mama and protected her.  It was a tough job and I slept all the way home!  Did you hear that “HOME”!

I am coming Mama!
From no longer foster mom:
We fell in love with sweet Georgia Girl and after I talked with the first potential adopters and realized that I might lose my sweet girl I couldn’t bear it.  So we adopted her.  She is an awesome 40th birthday present!!!  Georgia is now playing with toys and throwing them into the air!  She is engaging my other dogs in play, and sticks her head into the fridge when I open the door.  Georgia is a real part of the family!  She no longer watches, but joins in.  
Georgia's Toys

Thanks GSRA for taking in these awesome dogs and giving me the opportunity to bring Georgia out of her shell and be a 10 year old puppy.