Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Cooper Challenges His Fans

Hello everyone! I have so much to tell you! I went to the vet today and they all could not get over how wonderful my fur looks. They said I was a handsome fella! Someone asked if I was a Dingo in the waiting room though? Hum? Dingo?
Mama Tina and ME!

The vet weighed me and I weighed 27.4 pounds!!! Mama says I am a growing boy so she makes sure I get breakfast, lunch and dinner! I LOVE breakfast, lunch and dinner! I get my yummy kibble and "yogrit" on top! That is some good stuff! I still have to take antibiotics and this TERRIBLE tasting stuff called Ivomec for my mange. But, my fur is really looking good!
My pretty fur and new collar!

I just love it here. Every morning my foster Papa gets up first. He takes me out to potty and then he carries me to the bedroom and he lets me wake up foster Mama! I get SO EXCITED because I KNOW what is coming. I pounce on her and kiss her and chew on her face and snuggle. I am a really good snuggler!
Mama Tina Loves ME!

Ok, now for the good stuff! I told you last week I was going to introduce you to one of my rescue friends who needs a home. Mama told me I get a special prize if I can help get 10 dogs adopted by August! Are you going to help me??

Shelby is a very sweet southern belle who is looking for a forever home to call her own. She found herself in a shelter because her family took her there! Then one day a stranger came and got her. She jumped right in that car and was ready to start her new life. Some people call her a senior, but she says that 7 years old is the perfect age for a Sheppie! She is already out of that puppy stage (HEY, what is wrong with being a puppy?)

Shelby does need a special home. Shelby has waited for a home so long, she wants to be the only dog! She promises to give you the love of 10 Sheppies if you will make her your one and only! She loves to walk, but she is low maintenance. She also likes to sit with you while you do yard work! She just wants to be with her person no matter what!

House trained, well behaved in the house, low maintenance and wants to just be with you. What else could be better! Check out Shelby's Website and then APPLY!!!! You want me to get my prize don't you?? Right now I am 0/10. Let's add a 1 and adopt my friend Shelby!

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  1. Good job Cooper! Dezzie better be on the watch cuz you are a star in the making.